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Maintain Your Freshly Cleaned Carpet

11 Ways You Can Maintain Your Freshly Cleaned Carpet

A freshly cleaned carpet will have had almost all of the unpleasant, accumulated dirt that has been collected in it extracted. Our professional and experienced carpet cleaners at Ryan Carpet Cleaning London have specially compiled these best practices to help you maintain the freshness of your professionally cleaned carpet so that it can continue to look great.

  1. Walk carefully on the freshly cleaned carpet

    A damp carpet poses a great danger as a result of its slipperiness. This is why it is pertinent that you walk with caution on the carpet. We recommend that you steer clear for 2 to 4 hours. Keep in mind that although professional carpet cleaning can clean stains, it cannot extract all of the debris from the carpet. There will still remain an amount of noticeable debris on the surface of your carpet. Walking on the carpet will therefore re-soil it.

    Moreover, walking on the carpet as soon as you get it cleaned will only cause it to get flattened. This will consequently cause it to take a longer time to dry off. Do walk with care.
  2. Increase your room heating to accelerate the drying time of your freshly cleaned carpet

    It's only logical that turning up the heat will reduce the amount of time that your carpet takes to dry. We recommend setting the thermostat to 75°F.  The warmth of the air will quickly absorb the moisture, which will enable the carpet to dry faster.
  3. Let open your windows

    Typically, the humidity level in your home is bound to increase because of the freshly cleaned carpet. However, by opening the windows, you get to reduce the humidity level, and this will help your carpet to dry more quickly.
  4. Turn on the fans

    Your carpet will further dry more quickly when there's moving air. You should turn on your floor fan or ceiling fan if you use any.
  5. Take your time before you move the furniture

    Wait until the furniture has completely dried before you move the furniture back in place. Most likely, your carpet will take a minimum of 24 hours to get dried completely. We advise that you take the opportunity to vacuum your floor before you return the furniture.
  6. Make use of a carpet protector

    It is professionally recommended that you make use of a carpet protector to keep your carpet from being re-soiled all over again. With a carpet protector, you can prevent the penetration of stains and debris into your carpet. Also, it will further increase the amount of time your carpet can go without needing to be cleaned.
  7. Don't hesitate to clean up spills immediately they occur

    A major reason for built-up soiled carpet is as a result of reluctance or hesitation to clean up stains immediately they happen. Usually, all it takes is a paper towel and a carpet spotter to clean up most stains.

    All you have to do is gently blot the spot. Make sure you don't scrub your carpet too hard so that you don't aggravate the stain or even worse, damage the carpet.
  8. Learn to vacuum your professionally cleaned carpet frequently

    We advise that you vacuum your carpet a minimum of once every week. Through thorough vacuuming, you can be guaranteed that about 75% of all stains will be extracted. On the other hand, it is necessary that you go slowly when you are vacuuming. To have your carpet looking clean and elegant, you have to vacuum often. Another benefit of vacuuming is that it extends the life span of your carpet so that you can use it for longer before having to buy a new one.

    Before a professional carpet cleaning is done, it is pertinent that you vacuum your carpet 24 hours ahead of the cleaning service. Also, you will need to vacuum it 24 hours after your carpet has been professionally cleaned.
  9. Mats are helpful!

    By making use of a mat, you will be decreasing the quantity of dirt that your visitors bring into your living room. Hence, putting a mat in front of the entrance to your home is another great tip to maintain your professionally cleaned carpet. In fact, you may go an extra step by having all guests take off their shoes immediately they step into your home.
  10. As much as possible, keep the sun away.

    We understand how tempting it may be to have the shades and windows opened on a hot day. However, do you know that your carpet can suffer from the ultraviolet rays of the sun? Particularly, if your carpet is dark, then the colour is at a higher risk of being damaged by the sun.
  11. Try rotating your furniture

    A lot of people are unaware of this, but rotating your furniture can actually help you to reduce the degree of damage that is caused to your carpet.

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