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Do carpets get dirtier quicker after being cleaned

Does A Carpet Get Easily Dirty After Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is such a hectic task that homeowner occasionally performs. But it has been observed that carpet gets easily dirty within a few days of cleaning. Why so? The funniest part is to most people it is just the urban myth.

Basically, the fact is if the proper steps of cleaning haven’t been followed, your carpet will become dirty soon after cleaning. Many factors can attribute the resoiling and redarkening of the carpet and in this blog we will put a light on those factors. So, don’t miss to read it, at least for the sake of your favourite carpet!

Fail to vacuum prior to steam clean the carpet

The very first step of carpet cleaning should be vacuuming! It is so; because it traps the loosened particles which may wick back to the carpet surface again after washing if not removed. This will make the carpet dirty soon after cleaning making it looks like not even cleaned before.

Use of cleaning solution with carpet steaming

Certainly, not all detergents are quite effective in the complete removal of oily residues. It is only efficient to suck up all dirt which leads to oiliness of the carpet fibres.

As it is a sensitive material to wash, make sure that oiliness gets removed otherwise soon soil and dirt will heap over it again right after cleaning. Therefore, it is required to choose the perfect detergent to treat the carpet piles especially soils and oiliness.  

No pre-spraying of the detergent

There are many carpet cleaners who pour detergent into cleaning solution directly to use for cleaning the carpet. But in order to conduct a time-saving job, it leaves plenty of detergent into the carpet even after the cleaning is over! Hence, this becomes sticky over time allowing it to attract the pollen, dirt and dander easily to make it looks dirty after a few days of cleaning.

That’s why it is advised to pre-spray the detergent to make it effective without leaving any residue thereafter! Also, it gives some time to the detergent for working deeply into the piles for the removal of soil, grime and dust.   

Rinsing failure

Some cleaners don’t want to perform the task with much concentration which ends up by leaving sticky residue behind in the carpet piles. As a result, it will start gathering dirt easily making it dirty and soiled again soon.   

Excessive water on light carpet

You can find every carpet possesses jute backside that easily reacts in water. Generally, the jute colour is brown but excess water usage or improper pressure of cleaning equipment can pale down the brightness completely.

As a result, it seeps into the carpet fibres misleading the original colour and look of the carpet. In the end, you have to put extra effort to remove the colour also known as browning.

However, this mishap usually occurs if your expert cleaner is not well-trained and highly experienced in this business. Sometimes, the lack of knack to do the job can end up with ruining of the carpet as well. So, you are advised to go through these points during professional cleaning of your carpet. Otherwise, inquire legitimately about the reasons to have such colours on your carpet fibres. 

Therefore, it is best to opt for an experienced and well-trained London based carpet cleaner to get the job done in the right manner. They are well versed to use right techniques, adhering to the steps in the chronological order and the best product for the lifespan of your carpet.

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