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Vacuuming Your Carpets after Cleaning

The Need to Vacuum Carpets after Proper Cleaning

You may be asked often if it is a wise decision to vacuum the carpets after cleaning them. The question depends on when you can vacuum your carpets and whether they should be vacuumed once more. Well, the answer is obviously yes and you need to vacuum the carpets after they are cleaned but when the carpet is fully dry only.

Benefits of vacuuming the carpets after proper cleaning

There are few benefits o vacuuming carpets after cleaning them or hiring a professional for the cleaning work.

  • You might get additional cleaning leftover – If the carpets had been cleaned properly, then there has to be little amount of cleaning leftover in the carpets. But when the carpets are not cleaned well, they can cause lots of cleaning residue in the carpets which is not at all good.

    When the cleaning residue gets dried, you will find a substance which is like powdery flake in the carpet. By vacuuming carpets after they are cleaned, you will be getting lots of residue on the carpet. So, removing chemical residue at the time of cleaning your carpet is certainly a good thing.

    By choosing carpet cleaning method known as Encapsulation Cleaning, it removes everything in the carpet such as dirt, dust and cleaning agent. The procedure depends on soil "extraction" that occurs at the time of vacuuming. This is the right time when leaving cleaning agent in the carpet can be accepted and yet this kind of cleaning is not suggested for homes.
  • Provide uniform appearance to the carpet – Though the vacuum might cause vacuum patterns in the carpet, the method of cleaning patterns left by different carpet cleaning machines are not recommended.

    When the carpets are vacuumed after cleaned them properly, you will be able to remove most carpet cleaning marks that a wand or a carpet machine can make.

    Different carpet cleaners will be leaving patterns in the carpet from cleaning needs which is not good. Many professional cleaners leave these patterns as they seem to cover the dirty stains, spots or traffic areas they did not clean properly. This is a bad practice by carpet cleaners and you shouldn’t let this happen. Make sure you carry a cleaner brush for the carpet once they are cleaned by the professionals. It will enable you to see how the carpet will appear and the carpet becomes dry quickly.

Thus, vacuuming the carpets after cleaning them is a good idea when they are completely dry. When you vacuum carpets before they are dry, there is a possible chance you will transfer the soil from your vacuum cleaner, particularly the brushes on the carpet after you just clean them. Certainly, this is not good.

At Ryan Carpet Cleaning, our cleaners perform quick dry time so that you can get the carpets vacuumed on the same day or the very next morning. You may visit here and know how we do carpet cleaning so that you can restore them for many years.

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