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Carpet cleaner removing unwanted stains from carpet

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Stains with a Carpet Cleaner

You won’t be using the services of a carpet cleaner frequently but for a large house with lots of carpets, it will help to get rid of the unwanted dirt soon. It is considered to be an effective way than scrubbing away on your knees and hands with a bucket and sponge.

The professional carpet cleaners do not just work on occasional stains rather, they are really good in eliminating the dirt and animal hair and can help to keep your carpets completely new. You should not expect to get exceptional results every time but when the carpets look stain-free after giving them a thorough vacuum, chances are you will not find much improvement after undergoing a carpet-cleaning method.

How to select the best carpet cleaner for your need

below are discussed some points when choosing the right carpet cleaner

How easy will it be for a carpet cleaner to use?

You will find it as easy as a vacuum cleaner and remember that cleaning the carpets means everything should be done slowly so that one inch does not overlap in any way to avoid the streaking.

If you want to prevent over-wetting the carpet, then you do not use more than four shampooing strokes for one part section and test-clean a small patch of carpet at first to find out whether the detergent leads to some discolouration. When it gets dry, slide the foot over your carpet and check all the pile areas face the same direction or they may appear somewhat odd.

Will you really need a carpet cleaner?

Domestic carpet cleaners are comparatively bigger when compared to vacuum cleaners and so, the storage may be a major concern. You may require one which is completely based on how much carpet you install in your house.

If there are unwanted spot stains, then they can be managed in an outdated method like knees and hands by using a scrubber brush, a hot water bucket and specialised detergent for cleaning the carpet. If there are lots of cream carpets, then choosing a domestic one can save your time.

Is there any option to spending money on a carpet cleaner?

If you want to use a professional carpet cleaner, then you should consider hiring one. If the entire house has stubborn stains on the carpets, then you should call a cleaner who performs all kinds of tasks with cleaning carpets.

Can you use a carpet cleaner on the wooden floors?

It is not at all advised particularly when you have laminated flooring in your house. The water will be administered during the method that passes easily into the cracks which may expand the floorboards by leaving them warped permanently. But they are easy to use on the vinyl and tiled flooring though a squeegee mop is quite effective and do not involve much hassle.

What are different types of carpet cleaning methods?

  • Hot Water Extraction – Also called steam carpet cleaning, the method uses hot water to work on the carpet fibers and dissolve the dirt properly. It involves applying a cleaning agent on the soiled surface with brush and then rinse thoroughly. After the cleaning detergent settles in the carpet, the carpet should be washed thoroughly and then left to dry in room temperature.

    An average size carpet will require nearly two hours for proper cleaning and take at least 4 hours to dry completely. Most cleaning companies suggest to clean carpet in the late afternoon so that after the cleaning is done, the carpet can be left to dry over night and it can be used the next morning.
  • Carpet Shampooing – Shampooing the carpet means cleaning soiled carpets by leaving behind wet foam residues present in your carpet. This might require longer time to dry as it gets sticky when being dried. This is because no rinsing will be done after shampooing which makes this cleaning method less popular than the others.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning – Popularly known as compound cleaning, it is believed to be the latest technology in cleaning method that has gained great popularity due to its effective cleaning and convenience. The highlight of this method is the application of cleaning powder into the bottom part of carpet with a rotating brush machine for opening the carpet fiber and allowing the compound to settle properly. This may lead to thorough and deep carpet cleaning.

Cleaning compound is made of biodegradable material that works like micro-sponges and can absorb dissolved dirt into the carpets easily. This is believed to be a safer option for all kinds of carpet for thorough cleaning needs.

So, if the carpets in your house are really dirty and they have got stubborn stain marks, then it is time to get them cleaned thoroughly. You may take the help of carpet cleaning services where the professionals can do away with all the unwanted dirt and stains so that they look new and last for many years.

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