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Keep your carpet clean and tidy

DIY to Keep Your Carpet Clean and Tidy

It is quite possible to clean the carpets without using cleaning equipment and making it tidy. With higher expectations from steam cleaners and vacuums, you can set back and look for efficient way to get your carpets cleaned without using any machinery.

Eliminating dust and dirt

When you do not want to vacuum, you may still clean a rug by using a stiff-bristled broom and dustpan. This is an easy way to clean properly when you use a low-pile carpet in your home. If want to give a thorough cleaning, then choose shag or high-piled carpets as it is quite easy to remove the dirt and get embedded in the fibers. In order to make your broom much more effective, you should wrap bristles by using rubber band and make them bound firmly.

You may do proper cleaning of area rugs without using a machine on a snowy day. The process works well for delicate rugs in order to clean them with vacuuming or heavy-duty machine. You can use it on any kind of rug that can be transported easily and excludes wall-to-wall carpets. Begin by rolling carpet indoors, and unroll it in upside down. You may beat the rug so that the dirt falls downwards and move carpet to repeat the method till the underlying snow is completely clean. Your rug will not be able to absorb the moisture and it can lift off packed snow without attaching snowballs to the fibers. You will require some time to dry completely before storing it in the indoor space.

Clean the carpet properly

You can disinfect and refresh carpet fibers without using a steam cleaner and by choosing homemade solution with a scrub brush. Try to mix one part of white vinegar with three parts of water in a small bucket. After this, dip the bristles of scrub brush in the solution and then rub them properly in the carpet. You need to massage properly on the fibers and then use a cloth to blot excessive moisture.

Spot cleaning your carpet

Spot cleaning is the most important way to maintain your carpet that can be done without using a machine. Whether you have to remove a spot from the carpet such as pet stain or impress friends how easily you can clean up wine, there are effective ways to eliminate them quickly.

If the spot is fresh, then you may begin by blotting the area with high absorbent cloth as it really works well.

After this, you will have to rinse and use club soda when the stain remains fresh to loosen it. You can apply a carpet cleaner and continue blotting the stain and the cleanser than scrub.

Remove pet fur

Use a lint brush to get rid of pet fur from the carpets and keep them clean during deep cleanings. You can take a brush in areas where there has been visible accumulation and focus on the areas where the pet remains mostly. Try to brush and groom your pet often to keep your carpets clean and dirt-free.

You can take the help of professional carpet cleaning services so that the carpets are cleaned properly and you can restore them for many years.

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