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How to Steam Clean Your Carpet the Right Way

Your home deserves a clean carpet. But it is not always easy to keep them clean, especially when you lack technical know-how of carpet cleaning techniques. While you can always call up professionals (that also offer sofa cleaning services in London) for the job at hand, knowing the basics of cleaning is always a plus.

Turning a worn-out carpet into a clean and new one is no rocket science. You just need to have the right tools at your disposal. And what better tool can you use to clean your carpet than a steam cleaner?

While steam cleaning your carpets needs no expertise, you could really use some cleaning tips. This is especially true for someone who wants to try their hands at carpet cleaning for the first time.

So, let us get started with steam carpet cleaning without further ado.

What Does Steam Carpet Cleaning Involve?

It is common for you to assume that steam cleaning uses steam for cleaning carpets. However, this is not the case. Usually, the steam cleaning process combines cleaning chemicals with water in order to remove dirt from your carpets.

You will need a steam cleaner (more precisely called a carpet extractor) to spray carpet-cleaning detergent and hot water on the carpet. The steam cleaner then uses a wet vacuum to extract the dirty water from the carpet.

Steps for Steam Cleaning

Hopefully, there are carpet cleaners that you can rent. Or you can choose to buy a new one, if you need to clean carpet regularly.

  • Clear the floor first

Keep cushions, kids’ toys and everything in between apart from the floor. Place small furnishings in a suitable location before cleaning your carpet. Slide an aluminium foil beneath the legs of sofas or tables that you cannot move to prevent them from damage.

  • Dothorough dusting and vacuuming

It is important to prevent debris or pet hair from clogging the pores of your carpet. Before cleaning, make sure you dust the baseboards thoroughly to prevent dust from entering your carpet. Once you are done with dusting, consider vacuuming the floors.

  • Pretreat stains present on the carpet

Heat makes it hard for some stains to remove, especially pet stains. While they look gone after you have finished cleaning, you will start noticing them after a few days. This happens because the steam cleaner pushed the grime deeper into the carpet pad. When the carpet dried, the fibers wicked the stain back to its surface.

This is why you need to remove carpet stains before you steam clean your carpet. If there are dark edges on the carpet where they meet the wall, make sure you pretreat those areas, too.

  • Use a carpet-cleaning solution

Add hot water to the steam cleaner’s cleaning tank and then add one tablespoon of castile soap to a quarter of water. If the cleaner is under warranty, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on what to use instead.

  • Work slowly

Most steam cleaners tend to release the cleaning solution as you push forward and extract as you pull back. Make sure you push the equipment forward slowly as you go. This is how it can scrub the carpet. Then pull the steam cleaner back slowly to get rid of as much water as you can. After all, too much moisture will lead to mold and mildew growth -not to mention the odour it creates. Remove the dirty water from the tank and refill the cleaning solution as it starts cooling down.

  • Mix a rinsing solution

Refill the tank with a mix of distilled white vinegar and hot water.  Apart from neutralizing and removing the soap, the acetic acid present in vinegar helps kill allergens, dissolving more oil, dirt, and grime while deodorizing the carpet. there is no need to rinse it again because doing so may oversaturate your carpet.

  • Let the carpet dry

If the carpet is warm enough, open the windows of your home to accelerate the drying process. You can also turn on the fans to help the carpet dry faster. Make sure you wait at least 8 to 12 hours after steam cleaning your carpet before putting the furniture back in place.

Just because it feels dry upon touch it does not necessarily mean that the pad below has finished drying. remaining patient is key here. At the most, your carpet will need a day to dry completely.

How Often Should You Repeat the Process?

Steam cleaning your carpet once a year can make all the difference. Usually, people prefer late Spring for steam cleaning their carpets. This is because the weather is warm enough to speed up the drying process. If you have pets or kids in the house, you may think that shampooing frequently is good, but doing so can decrease the lifespan of your carpet. You may consider spot-treating, instead. This is true for small messes as soon as they happen. Make sure you steam clean your carpets twice a year.

Is Steam Cleaning Safe for Your Carpet?

No matter the carpet cleaning method you may use, it makes sense that you do a spot test before getting started. Choose an inconspicuous area for a spot test, like you can choose a closet or other location that is out of the way. Apply a small amount of cleaning detergent to the surface, wait no more than 5 minutes, blot it with an undyed damp rag. Then, again blot using a fresh dry cloth.

Make sure you check both rags to check if the color is transferring. Wait until the area is completely dry and check it. Do not repeat that product or a certain method if you notice any color transfer on the rag. There is no point in repeating the process if the area you have tested has faded or there are other signs of damage.

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