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Commercial cleaning VS residential cleaning

How Commercial Cleaning can be Different from Residential Cleaning

Are you a residential cleaning business owner who is willing to expand into commercial cleaning business? Do you fail to understand how different it can be from their core business? Well you should have a positive mindset for cleaning, whether it is your home or office. This kind of approach is the reason why residential cleaning companies like to expand into commercial form of businesses. There arises an important question, “What can make commercial cleaning different from residential cleaning?” Let us discuss 10 things you need to consider before planning to do commercial cleaning business.

  1. Residential cleaning can be done during the day and most commercial cleaning is usually done in the evenings, late night and during the weekends. This will need hiring some cleaners who can help the present current employees in commercial cleaning works. You might find hiring for your commercial team to be extremely challenging in comparison to residential cleaners as people are more interesting in doing day time work than evening, night, and weekend work.
  2. You have to re-train your present cleaning staff if they want to work for the commercial cleaning team too. Since residential cleaning is more detailed than that the commercial form, your commercial carpet cleaning team in London will do the cleaning work much faster and with less focus on details for completing the work soon.
  3. Residential cleaning should be done in the personal space of the customers versus their work space. As you will have to touch their personal and expensive belongings, they seem to be very sensitive and "picky" than the commercial cleaning clients. They will also be much more demanding of the small details such as how you are placing the pillows on the bed, how you fold the towels, how you replace items that you pick up to dust and so on. Commercial clients should be much more concerned by ensuring complete cleaning specifications as agreed upon the contract.
  4. When residential clients stay in the home, they will be watching your work when you clean their valuable items. They want you to reach the place within the specified time and see how much time you take for cleaning purpose. But commercial clients will not watch you all the time rather, they leave the entire work in the hands of cleaners so that their employees can work in thorough cleaned space.
  5. Residential cleaners interact much more with the clients and so, you should hire people who possess good communication skills and are well groomed. Though these are certain qualities you want to have in all the employees, commercial cleaners usually do cleaning works at night after the occupants of the building have gone home.
  6. You need to wait for getting paid with commercial cleaning and so, expect for a reduction in cash flow. Residential cleaning companies are generally paid on the same day when the service is being offered. On the other hand, commercial carpet cleaning services are under agreement with terms of payment. This will consist of an invoice being issued each month to the customers that results in a long waiting period for getting the payment. Hence, many commercial cleaning companies are now invoicing before offering cleaning services against invoicing at the end of the month for the services of that particular month.
  7. There is a difference between the pricing and profit margins. In case if commercial cleaning, the larger the account, the lower the profit margin will be. Also, chemicals, equipment costs and supplies should be higher with commercial cleaning that can cause reduced profit margins for each client. However, the larger accounts might be quite easy to manage and the lower margin can be made up in greater volume.
  8. The production rates seem to be different from residential properties versus commercial ones. The production rate for residential is generally 700-1000 sq. ft. while commercial may range from 2500 to 4000 sq. ft. for each hour, on an average. The pricing for commercial properties is more time consuming and the commercial clients usually require a bidding process which includes a building walk through and a contract drawn for adding the list of cleaning specifications, terms and conditions of the payment, references and signatures.
  9. Marketing can be extremely different since residential cleaning is "business to consumer" and commercial cleaning is "business to business”. Besides, there are other probable residential opportunities when compared to commercial businesses and so, there will be more competition for commercial accounts, for sure.
  10. You need to change the name of your residential property or create a new company. Your company name should include the services you like to offer to customers. It will really be difficult to tempt new commercial cleaning customers with the new name. Make sure you find a name that is marketable for both residential and commercial clients.

Thus, you will come across many differences between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. So, if you are looking to diversify into commercial cleaning, create the list of pros and cons to know if this is the right thing to do for your business.

When deciding to take up this new challenge and willing to move ahead, it is advised to begin with a business and an effective marketing plan that can determine how you will manage the expansion of your business. Conduct thorough research and try to predict every aspect, whether it is good or bad, for new business expansion. This way, you will not head out into the unknown but also be able to deal with all problems, and roadblocks that might arise. You may visit today where the cleaning agents can help with both residential and commercial cleaning that will meet your ultimate purpose.

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