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DIY Steps for sofa cleaning

4 Do It Yourself Steps for Sofa Cleaning at Home

How often do you maintain your valuable house? Well, it is quite obvious that your carpets and furniture become dirty soon when you do not take proper care of them. For this, you will have to put lots of effort so that everything is in proper shape. Your favorite sofa is getting lots of dirt and dust that are just unavoidable for any home. You can call a professional cleaner for sofa cleaning at home once in a year. Alternatively, when you have stained sofa, go through this blogpost to know about 4 easy ways for sofa cleaning and do the job on your own.

  1. Vacuum your sofa often – The couch is the most used furniture in the living room. You should vacuum it always and get rid of food particles and spills that fall on them. But if you want to have a clean sofa, then it is advised to begin the work with proper vacuuming. Upholstered furniture gathers a lot of dirt and dust but vacuuming will be extracting most of it from these fabrics. This way you will not have much risk of dirt getting trapped when you proceed with further procedures.
  2. Wash sofa at the right time – It is not suggested to wash sofa on your home due to greater risks of causing damage to the upholstery. However, there are certain tricks to use for preventing the procedure of actual washing. You can form a solution of warm water and some drops of cleaning detergent to get rid of dirt and stain marks. After this, take clean sponge and damp it in the mixture. Then squeeze until it is almost dry and carefully start wiping your sofa’s surface. This should refresh upholstery’s fabric and deodorize it. If you are having doubt related to moisture sensitivity of the fabric or the detergent is not at all suitable, then it is advised to skip this particular step. After all, you want to clean your sofa and not damage it. You may take help of professionals who offer sofa cleaning services in London to wash your sofa from them.
  3. Get rid of stain marks – This is usually the most difficult thing for cleaning the upholstery by yourself. When you want to remove all kinds of stains and spots from the sofa, doing it without taking professional help is indeed a tough job. There are some situations when you can do it by using a stain removal solution to make your fabrics absolutely dirt-free. But some fabrics are very delicate and even strong detergent that might cause damage to them. You can try out some homemade stain cleaning recipes that include using baking soda, vinegar and other ingredients found in your house.
  4. Allow the sofa to dry properly – If you want to get rid of molding and re-soiling, then it is important to see that you sofa is completely dry before you sit on it. If the weather is really good, then keep the windows open so that your sofa dries quickly. But when the weather is cold, then you should leave heating or air conditioner running so that your sofa may get dried completely.

Thus, you may take the help of smart cleaners at Ryan Carpet Cleaning London who can help in eliminating all the dirt and dust from the couch. This will enable you to enjoy a good conversation with family and friends in the living room.

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