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Carpet cleaning and maintaining them for a year

5 Ways to Keep the Carpets Clean and Maintain them for Years

You walk on the carpets daily and it is quite obvious for them to lose their beauty and color over time. With proper care and maintenance, your carpets are meant to look at their very best and last for several years. What you can do in this regard is to perform regular cleaning service by using the right vacuum and stain-removal techniques. Go through this blog post to know about the 5 ways on how you can keep the carpets clean to maintain them for a long time.

  • Vacuum the carpets often – The carpets accumulate all the dirt and dust of your house and acts in the form of a filter. It is important to clean your carpets from time to time so that they may not wear away in due course of time. When you decide to vacuum the carpets, spend sufficient time for using overlapping strokes. Thus, you can get them cleaned properly and enjoy using them in your house completely free from stains.
  • Clean the carpets every day – It is suggested that you wash the carpets once every three months with a domestic carpet shampoo machine. If you are having kids and pets at home, then this is a good idea to wash often as they will throw foods and drinks causing stains on them. This way, you can maintain the luster of your carpets and keep them protected for years to come.
  • Purchase cleaning products for your carpet – You require a good cleaning solution to get rid of the stains and clean the carpets properly. You also need a machine for cleaning purposes as they are made for deep carpet cleaning in London without damaging or soaking the carpets. Try to purchase a shampoo that has carpet protector properties to prevent the carpets from further stains.  Choose a cleaning solution that will be safe for wool carpets.
  • Pre-treat those carpet stain marks – You should try to remove all kinds of stains from the carpets such as tea, coffee and food spills. Use a carpet cleaner for treating those hard-to-remove stain marks and get them cleaned as soon as possible.  You may even iron out the stains in your carpet by soaking a cloth and placing it over the stain. The heat begins to break those stains and thus, making the carpet easy to clean and maintain properly.
  • Clean the floors thoroughly – You need to keep the floors clean and dirt free before you start with cleaning the carpets. Try to stack the chairs upside down on the table for removing the rugs and small objects lying around. It is necessary to ensure that small objects do not get sucked up and thus, cause damage to the vacuum cleaner. Try to remove any stains left on the carpet and rub an ice cube to clean the area completely.

You need to look for carpet cleaners who offer professional carpet cleaning services in London and get them cleaned properly. Thus, you can use and maintain the carpets for many years to come.

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