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Great Tips for Rug Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

7 Great Tips for Rug Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Are you using carpets and rugs in your house? How often do you clean them? Well, these are common questions that might arise in the minds of every homeowner as they care very little about cleaning the rugs and carpets. It is quite obvious that dirt, dust and bacteria accumulate on them which make it necessary to give them through cleaning. So, windows, doors, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, patios, garage and every corner of your house requires different kind of cleaning agents and method. When you decide to hire professionals for cleaning purpose, you will be able to save your time and energy with completely new look to carpets and rugs. Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning or furniture upholstery cleaning, they should be done properly. Go through this blogpost to get some tips on how to keep the rugs and carpets clean and tidy.

  1. Try to do vacuuming daily – It is extremely important to clean floor daily when you want to have carpet flooring. Dirt and dust makes your home very dirty which accumulates in the carpets. When you do not clean for a long time, it becomes difficult to get rid of all dust and dirt from carpets. Make sure you vacuum the carpet regularly as a measure and follow DIY tips at the right speed.
  2. Take ice to remove wax and gum – You may have asked your kid not to chew gum and spit on carpets. But children do not pay any heed to such things. Try out an easy tip with some ice cubes to make chewing gum or wax cold till it gets hard. It is quite easy to remove them when they become hard as chewing gum and wax contracts on becoming cool and leaving the surface free from dirt. You can also remove wax through heating and take dry cloth and iron for placing over wax. After this, heat cloth with iron and remove wax with a piece of cloth.
  3. Wash and dry properly in the sunlight – You need to do proper cleaning of carpets or steam cleaning in every six months. Since seasonal changes might bring in the pollutants, they get entangled with carpet fiber. If you want to keep carpets clean for a long time, then give them thorough wash in six months and dry in sunlight. This can remove all the dirt and germs from carpets. You can take help of professionals for carpet or rug cleaning when there are instructions on them that you cannot wash by hand or dry in direct sunlight.
  4. Carpet flooring used often requires more attention – There are certain parts in every house which are used more frequently than other parts. Some areas like living rooms when carpeted can be used by all and should be given additional care. You may use vacuum for these areas daily and do not allow kids to eat over there. Treat any spot that seems to be there on the area because it might become difficult to clean them with time.
  5. Do not adjust with damp carpet – People use wet cleaning procedures though rainy weather won’t let proper drying of carpet. Make sure you dry the carpet properly before adjusting with them. Having wet carpet allows the growth of molds and algae which are risky for carpets and affects your health condition too. If you want to prevent such circumstances, then make sure you dry the carpet properly. With proper ventilation, you can remove all the moisture from carpet and use wet cleaning method all the time even during dry weather conditions.
  6. Try using green carpet cleaning – You may use green methods of carpet cleaning so that you might not bring in any kind of harm to your house. The professionals offer different green cleaning methods which are environment-friendly. But when you choose DIY, purchase products that can ensure to deliver similar results. Dry cleaning might be the reason for extreme dirt and dust in your house and problematic condition for the ones who are highly allergic to dust.
  7. Purchase an apt vacuum cleaner – If you are looking for carpeted flooring, then you should select the right vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to know proper method of using vacuum cleaner. When you cannot lift heavy furniture for cleaning, opt for different nozzle attachment for cleaning those hard to reach areas. Similarly, there are other functions that a vacuum may perform and you should know about all of them to use with your vacuum clean. Go through the catalog at least two times for effective use of your vacuum.

Thus, you need to hire rug cleaning services where the professionals ensure to remove all the dirt and dust from rugs and carpets. You will be sure of using and maintaining them for many years with proper cleaning and maintenance.

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